Over 25,000 organizations in 134 countries use Hotjar to help optimize their sites usability and conversion rates. Users get heatmaps, recordings, funnels, forms, polls, surveys, and the ability to recruit users for feedback in an all-in-one platform that’s a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

In this episode, David Darmanin shares how design plays a crucial role in successful product development and how you can start growing your business when you know how to collect and react to the right data.

Links from the Episode:
Show Notes:
  • How David got started before launching Hotjar [2:00]
  • The 4 key features of Hotjar [4:00]
  • David’s favorite tool for businesses to gather insight [8:30]
  • What was it like building Hotjar [12:03]
  • How focusing too much on aesthetic values can get in the way of your product design [14:27]
  • 3 growth tips for businesses [17:29]


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