It’s not about creating widgets and generating output, it’s about achieving outcomes.
Jeff Gothelf, Lean UX

Jeff Gothelf has worked for many years as a product designer and team leader. These days he spends more time as a teacher, workshop leader and public speaker. In 2013, he published his first book, Lean UX: Applying lean principles to improve user experience (O’Reilly). He’s led successful, cross-functional, collaborative, agile teams at organizations of all sizes.

In this episode, Stephan and Jeff talk about design, technology, and how businesses are navigating the challenges of integrating both into their culture.

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Show notes
  • What the support of Jeff’s wife means to him [02:05]
  • What design means to Jeff [03:12]
  • Can good design be taught? [09:40]
  • Companies are struggling to understand design, lean UX, and agile. Why? [12:00]
  • The cultural shift needed for lean UX and agile [13:50]
  • The lean mindset [15:15]
  • Most companies are hiring agile for the wrong reason [16:40]
  • This risks of speaking up in opposition to the plan [20:20]
  • The overwhelming majority of work in the first half of Jeff’s career… [21:50]
  • How do you help someone get over the fear of not delivering? [24:18]
  • One of the most eye opening exercised you can do with your clients [29:10]
  • The Wizard of Oz MVP [33:36]
  • Any business that seeks to scale in the 21st century is a software business [36:48]

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