Taylor Davidson is an entrepreneur, photographer, writer and currently the Managing Director of Unstructured Ventures. He works with consumer and enterprise businesses in digital media, imagery, mobile, data, communications, and financial services. His financial models on Foresight have been downloaded by over 15,000 entreprenuers and over 3,000 people have taken his email course on financial models.

In this episode, Stephan and Taylor discuss the importance of financial models, the process of raising capital, the big data economy, and the importance of creating technology that enables the user.

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Show Notes
  • How a financial model can help identify your business needs [2:30]
  • How Foresight can help your business nail down your financial models [5:18]
  • Should you worry about a financial model before you create your product [9:10]
  • The process of raising capital [10:50]
  • The big data economy [13:15]
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence [23:20]
  • How apps and their operating systems are changing [25:30]
  • How applying the technology you create sets you apart in the market [37:40]

Our podcast music is titled Oh God by The Soldier Story.

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