David Leggett is a web designer and developer with a passion for learning. He has over 10 years of experience with a successful track record in building and launching online products and publications like UX Booth, defining brands, marketing, content strategy and implementing processes that accelerate projects. Most recently, David served on the leadership team at Python Safety which was acquired by Capital Safety.

In this episode, David shares his experience in design and development, the challenges of convincing leadership to invest in user testing, and why it's important to create technology not only for your users but also for your employees.

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Show Notes
  • Transparency in the workplace [11:08]
  • What David would have done differently when scaling his businesses [12:50]
  • Is the technology you use better than paper [15:25]
  • Accelerating projects by creating technology for your employees [19:14] 
  • What are the technology challenges of larger organizations [24:24]
  • Why do enterprise solutions stick to technology that leads to slower development [27:00]
  • David’s design philosophy and the value of research beforehand [27:30]
  • Focusing on features that matter [32:00]
  • The challenges of convincing leadership that user testing is worthwhile [34:00]
  • David's opinion on gamification in business [40:19]
  • David’s 3 tips [42:24]

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