InVision is the world's leading design collaboration platform. Teams such as Evernote, Adobe, Airbnb, and Salesforce use Invision to rapidly make informed product design decisions.

At Second Form, we use InVision everyday—the technology they created has changed the game for how we communicate design decisions with our clients.

In this episode, Stephan sits down with Andy Orsow from InVision to discuss design and how Invision is helping teams around the world communicate design better. 

Links from the Episode:
Show Notes:
  • How does InVision think about the process of design and how are they trying to make it better [4:05]
  • The design process [5:56]
  • The challenge of the design process [7:28]
  • The roadmap of implementing design [8:03]
  • Tension between the designer and real time feedback [12:02]
  • InVision’s LiveShare feature [14:07]
  • How far design has come - Google better at design than Apple [15:50]
  • Helping clients understand the design process [21:03]
  • How does InVision communicate internally to keep everyone on the same page with design [24:19]
  • The value of user testing and changing the mind of users and clients [27:56]
  • Andy’s role at InVision [32:26]
  • How InVision sets a course for growth [36:05]
  • Andy’s 3 tips on designing a stronger, faster, and more reliable business with technology [42:16]

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