Officevibe collects just enough data for managers to take action, without overwhelming employees. The software asks employees a few valuable questions that are well-designed and engaging, and will take about two minutes to complete. The system uses dynamic, illustrated surveys to improve participation rates and allow employees to voice their opinions quickly.

This podcast is with Jeff Fermin, one of the founders at Officevibe. Stephan and Jeff discuss the importance of keeping it simple when designing a product, the importance of employee feedback, and how it took Officevibe almost two years to gain traction in the market.

Links from the Episode:
Show Notes :
  • How Officevibe got started [3:29]
  • The importance of keeping it simple [5:50]
  • Should you go mobile first? [8:35]
  • How Officevibe works [9:00]
  • Clients have taken action with Officevibe insights [10:00]
  • Customized features coming to Officevibe [12:58]
  • Feedback management and YikYak [14:24]
  • Officevibe is giving a voice for employees to speak out [18:25]
  • The turning point for Officevibe and the first sale [20:45]
  • What other tools does Officevibe use [24:55]
  • Design and technology go hand-in-hand [28:00]
  • Jeff’s three tips for you to kick more ass with technology [29:29]

Our podcast music is titled Oh God by The Soldier Story.

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