You’ve invested the time and resources into creating a stunning website. It’s navigationally sound, makes the best use of your digital real estate, and is pretty as a picture. You’re good to go, right? Nope! Having a pretty website isn’t good enough anymore.

Start with a concrete, viable content strategy

Similar to your social media strategy, your content strategy is the overarching message that tells you who you’re going to talk to and how often you’re going to say it for all of your mediums.

The one element that’s going to become more and more important is having rock-solid content.

Before getting down to specifics, though, it’s best to get the view from 30,000 feet by fleshing out your brand.

Carving out your company’s own unique brand sets you apart and defines who you are in relation to your users and readers. People like to know who they’re getting into bed with, and are unlikely to invest a lot of their time and money in a company they don’t know and can’t get a handle on. And, of course, you can’t communicate your brand in a clear, cohesive way unless you have a strong sense of it yourself. Take the time and really plan out your brand and ensure all the relevant team members understand it too, as it will influence every aspect of your company, from color design to content to press release.

With your brand in mind, the next step is to figure out who your target audience is, how you want to approach speaking with them, and how often you will be able to post quality content. As you begin the communication process, don’t forget to listen to what your customers have to say, too. Your content strategy should be solid, but carved in silicone instead of stone.

Crafting your content

While the subject of content will vary widely by company, the type of useful content typically falls into one of three categories: helpful, insightful, or delightful.

Helpful content is full of all the tips and tricks you’ve accumulated and are at liberty to share with the general public. Remember that you don’t have to give away trade secrets to offer inspiring pro-tips, best practices, and recommendations on how to complete a particular process.

Insightful content is likely to catch the eye of industry peers as well as potential clients

Content about strategy, vision, and high-level commentary about the market falls under the insightful category. This type of content is likely to catch the eye of industry peers as well as potential clients and can go a long way in establishing your company and staff as industry leaders and active contributors.

Finally, it’s the fun stuff. Delightful content includes appropriate insider stories from the office, humorous videos, observations and photos from a recent celebration or volunteer event, and whatever else your creative mind can think of that will share your brand personality! Keeping it at least minimally relevant will keep customers interested while contributing to the sense that you’re not all work and no play.

Now that you’ve decided to make a real investment in content, there’s no time like the present! Strike that balance between quick work and quality work. A little hustle goes a long way.

If you’re looking for how to light that first fire and get your content strategy underway, drop us a line. We know brands like nobody’s business.

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