A brand is culture at work.

What we do is a direct result of who we are. We apply that same thinking to the brands we work with. Sometimes, it’s not the product or service that needs a shift in strategy, but the culture behind it.

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Stop doing the wrong things well

Know when to choose effectiveness over efficiency.

People that move us
Stephan Barrett's picture
Stephan Barrett Founder and CEO

He’s an adrenaline junkie but blood makes him faint. He’ll sing if you ask him nicely. He’s still learning how to be a soccer player, but he’s a pro at being a leader. And he’s successfully led his team to design experiences and tell stories on behalf of brands for over 12 years.

Ian Sholtys's picture
Ian Sholtys Production Manager

He’s good in the kitchen but doesn’t like to try new food. He’s passionate about computer graphics beyond the pretty pictures. He’s a self-proclaimed pixel policeman. And as our Production Manager, his server is more powerful than your server.

Kelly Dassing's picture
Kelly Dassing Finance Director

She’s a human calculator with a freaky photographic memory. She’s a great baker. And she’s done more in her career than she ever thought possible. But she considers her greatest accomplishment so far in life to be her son, Liam.

Chris Aram's picture
Chris Aram Experience Engineer

He buys video games and doesn’t play them. He listens to Madonna and isn’t afraid to admit it. His cooking skills are questionable. But his interactive skills aren’t – he develops responsive features and writes flex sliders to a whole new shade of cool.

Bryan Thomas's picture
Bryan Thomas Brand Evangelist

He’s a travel junkie with the guts to jump out of a plane. He’s a natural born storyteller. He was a filmmaker in his former life. And he even starred in one – a reenactment of Raiders of the Lost Ark in his childhood neighborhood. No autographs please.

Glenn Chen's picture
Glenn Chen Engineer

He can easily drink over 8 cups of coffee a day. He still writes fluently in Chinese. But he codes in just about every language ever developed. Oh, and he only checks his Facebook once a year. Wait, HE ONLY CHECKS HIS FACEBOOK ONCE A YEAR?!?

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